How to Build A Recording Studio on a Budget

How To

Music is the universal language. If you are like me, you love music. Now, if you play music and would love to get your music out there but you are on a tight budget, I can help.

  1. Get a room
    Yeah, you need a room for sure lol. Make sure the room is well away from outside noise and anything that can leak and bleed into. It would be best to make sure it has a closet for vocals and enough room for your gear and comfort.
  2. Soundproofing
    To get a good recording, you need to soundproof the room. It needs to be silent and remote. You want the best possible recording. Egg crates are a good start to soundproofing a studio. Carpet, wedges are also a good way to make it quiet. Put a few egg crates in the control room for playback. Make sure the vocal room is loaded with soundproofing material to ensure the crystal clear vocals on your recordings.
  3. The Gear
    Depending on what you play, you have to get the right gear to fit your style and needs. I like to sing. That means I own a microphone, preamps, and studio monitors. If you play piano, you need a piano. That goes for anything. Getting the right gear makes all the difference. I can promise you that.
  4. The Software
    As for software for recording while on a budget, there are many great tools out there to choose from. I personally use Mackie’s Traktion 3. It has a lot of cool features and its all easy to use. Cubase LE, Cakewalk, etc. are great starter programs as well. If you are into drums, I recommend EZDrummer. It is a great tool with over 4000 drum loops. Maybe you want a few effects plug-ins. A wide variety of great stuff while on a budget.
  5. The Hardware
    As you may know, this is an article for computer-based recordings. Now, Presonus offers a great deal on a recording package called the Presonus Inspire 1394 package. It is a firewire unit and comes with the Presonus Inspire, M-Audio Monitors, CAD mic, and Cubase LE4 software for rather cheap. It is really a great deal.
  6. The Almighty Click Track
    Yes, I said it. The Click Track. I know you may hate it, but it’s what makes music sound so great and on time. It is the tool behind the magic. Mackie Traktion and other recording software’s come with a click track. While recording, always remember to put that click track on to keep on time to ensure the best music possible.

The art of mixing can be a difficult thing. You have to use your own style of mixing to get the best results. Sit down and record a track and listen to the playback. Find the key points that you think need to be fixed and mess around with the effects to ensure the best quality. After a while of that, you will be mixing in no time. It just takes time.

In conclusion, you can put a studio in for under $1000. It just takes time and effort, but you can make it happen.

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