Best Tube Preamp 2017

Tube Preamp

A great tube preamp will produce enough of a gain at the front of a circuit. It can clean and improve signals from microphones or other items plugged into it. It won’t be too hard to get a tube preamp to work for your needs but you will have to shop around to see what […]

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What is The Best Mic Preamp Under 1000

Mic Preamp under 1000

As you look for a quality mic preamp, you have to look for an option that is affordable as well. I have found three ideal options to consider when finding the best mic preamp under 1000. These choices have their own quality features to them and are very easy to operate. The amazing part is […]

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Best Microphone Preamps for the Money 2017 Reviews & Guide

Best Microphone Preamps

A preamp is one of the most underrated pieces of equipment of a studio. A preamp performs the task of taking an audio input and giving it proper sonic shape and sonic definition before the signal reaches the amplifier. This ensures that the audio signal is in its optimum shape and form and can be sent […]

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