How to Build A Recording Studio on a Budget

Music is the universal language. If you are like me, you love music. Now, if you play music and would love to get your music out there but you are on a tight budget, I can help. Get a room Yeah, you need a room for sure lol. Make sure the room is well away […]

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Understanding The Different Microphone Polar Patterns

Different Type Of Polar Patterns

Polar patterns of microphones are a representation of a microphone’s sensitivity to the sound relative to the angle or direction from which it receives the sound. In simpler words, a polar pattern decides how well the microphone will hear the sound from various directions. This is known as the directionality of a microphone, and different […]

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The Difference Between Condenser And Dynamic Microphones

Difference Between Condenser And Dynamic Microphones

Selecting the ideal microphone for your home recording studio is important if you want to get the sound right. If your microphone can capture the sound clearly and accurately, you’ll not need to invest a lot of time and effort into post-production to get the sound you need. In short, getting the right microphone can […]

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How I Soundproofed My Music Studio

how to soundproof a room

If you’re a musician like me, you’ve probably gotten a complaint or two at some point during your recording career. It’s pretty much impossible to avoid! Either the neighbors hear you and eventually confront you about the noise, or you’ve got a habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time with your guitar. At […]

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