Gearlux XLR Microphone Cable

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The Gearlux 10-Foot Balanced XLR Microphone Cable is the requirement of every recording studio. They are not without faults, but they mix affordability and professionalism onto one product.

It is often said that the leash is as important as the horse you ride. Gearlux provides all of the things you need for your love of music. It offers not only protective equipment but also carrying bags, add-ons, and cables for your instruments.

Gearlux is a professional company whose reputation is founded on trust and reliability. Gearlux cables are the best example of that trust and reliability. These cables are designed to provide years of use and are tested for quality standards.

Gearlux XLR Microphone Cable Review

Gearlux XLR Cable Features

The Gearlux male to female 10-foot long cable is an ideal choice for connecting your microphone for that crisp voice result. These cables are guaranteed years of use without any issues. The XLR female connector can be plugged into any mixer, preamp, or recording equipment.

The oxygen-free copper conductors used in the cable ensure that signal transmission is noiseless. These high conductivity copper alloys are electrolytically refined to reduce the oxygen content in the product to a minimum. They are high conductivity cables with thermal resistance, which improve signal clarity while minimizing the interference to a minimum.

The XLR connectors used in the cables are made from sturdy metal and offer greater reliability than common alternatives.

The Gearlux balanced cable is the perfect example that a signal can be delivered from the source to the destination with minimal or zero interference regardless of the extent of grouping in the area. The cables are not only balanced but well insulated to prevent leakage of noise from outside to inside or vice versa.

The Gearlux 10-Foot Balanced XLR Microphone Cable package contains a single cable weighing around 1 pound. The product dimensions are 9 x 2 x 8 inches with 8 ounces of shipping weight.


  • Oxygen-free copper with minimal oxygen signature to ensure perfect signal transmission
  • Fully balanced cable with three copper conductors for noise reduction
  • Noiseless signal transmission due to high-quality material, modern technology, and thick insulation
  • Sturdy looking XLR connectors made from metal to give a premium feel
  • Guarantees a long life even with many hours of use per day


  • These cables are prone to getting loose connectors, which are too tight at the start and lose grip due to frequent plugging
  • Not competitively priced as some other cables are available at better quality at a similar price.

Gearlux XLR Microphone Cable Review – Wrap-Up

The Gearlux 10-Foot Balanced XLR Microphone Cable with Oxygen-Free Copper Conductor is an ideal choice for new installations and old cable replacements. They can also be used for connections during live shows and field recordings. These cables prove that it is not only expensive instruments that matter but also the wires that link them up.

Though we can say that they might be a little basic for seasoned professionals, it will not be wrong to say that they are quality cables without a big price tag attached to it.