TD1K Electronic Drum Set

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4.8/5 on December 9, 2016

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  • 15 smooth sounding kits, equipped with sounds from classic Roland instruments.
  • iPad compatibility, and some cool little tools that measure how well you can play along with your iTunes library and then grades you on just how poorly you did.
  • Great acoustic feel while playing, this seriously feels amazing for the price and size. It’s the closest you can get to an accoustic feeling and experience at this price.


  • Claustrophobic, especially after adding a larger snare pad, the additional cymbal, and the acoustic kick drum. The frame is small, and that comes at the price of comfort
  • Feels fragile, the added softness and knowing it’s an electronic kit, combine with the smaller size and light weight, kept preventing me from going as hard as I wanted with it. Not saying it is, the kit took a beating and has no scratches and when I look at the quality of the components I have no doubt that it can survive some vigorous jam sessions, but it just doesn’t inspire confidence.

Roland is famous for having some of the best sounding instruments on the market; they have never had any product that would be considered “entry level.” So when I saw the TDK1, I was surprised. It’s very small and almost looks toy-like, but it manages to preserve some of Rolands main brand features.

TD1K Electronic Drum Set Review

TD1K Electronic Drum Set Features


The quality in the frame, pads and cymbals are top notch. The feel is great, and the quality of the upgrades is a lot better than anything the competition has at this price point. The surface of the pads is softer and encourages you to go lighter and experiment with different playing styles, which gets rewarded both by physical and auditory feedback. The stand and the clamps are the same as you would get with more expensive kits, so you know they didn’t cut corners regarding durability.

Small Package

Coming in at 26 lbs and a cube like 38”x38”x38”, the TD1K is by far the smallest and most portable drum kit I have ever seen. This makes it the best option for anyone that lacks the space for anything bigger. And considering it doesn’t sacrifice on sound quality and actually overperforms in that regard makes it an amazing engineering feat.


The sound is great, it’s natural, has some organic reverb, some dynamic duration and is very warm and filling. The sound module is top notch and does an amazing job. While we’re on the sound aspect, I need to mention that one of the kits presets made of the sounds of the legendary Roland TR 808, and my god does it sound amazing especially if you have a great set of headphones.

Great upgrades

You can add another cymbal, a mesh snare pad, and an acoustic kick drum. It’s quite amazing how much you can add to this little “toy.” And I actually went all out and got the full upgrade to see just how many kits I can get from the TD1K. With the extra add-ons, the kit feels amazing, and the experience only gets better and more rewarding with the dynamic sounds that come from the sound module.

Silent playing

The softer pad tat you get from Rolands more expensive models, and the beatless kick pedals make for a very quiet playing experience despite having a very solid feel due to the heavy metal pedal.

What do you get in the box?

  • Total pads: 7
  • Tom pad(s): 3
  • Cymbal pad(s): 3
  • Snare pad: 1
  • Kickpad: no
  • Module
  • Display type: LED
  • Drum kits: 15
  • Trigger inputs: 10
  • Line input: yes
  • Headphone jack: yes
  • USB: yes
  • MP3: yes
  • MIDI: yes
  • Training functions: yes
  • Click: yes
  • Pads
  • Pad Material: Rubber
  • Hoop Material: Plastic
  • Zones: Single
  • Tom Pad size: 7″
  • Snare pad size: 7″
  • Hardware
  • Rack Material: Plastic
  • Hardware pieces: 3Kick Pedal: yes
  • Throne: no

Final Verdict

Yes, it’s a great kit that you can grow with your abilities. Too bad that it doesn’t literally grow physically. The compact nature of the kit is what makes it stand out, and that is polarizing. For some the size is the main reason they will buy the TD1K, but the size will also be the main reason others won’t. Acoustically it’s great “bang” for your buck, and because it’s a Roland the resell value will be great.