TX400K Electronic Drum Set

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4.2/5 on December 9, 2016

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78 reviews


  • Great for training, beginners or the college musician
  • On the fly sound customization, unique at this price point.
  • Great materials, make it feel good and durable


  • You will outgrow the beatless kick drum pretty fast
  • The lack of additional trigger inputs is also a bit frustrating and makes it

Yamaha has been making quality drum sets for years, 1967 to be precise. The DTX400k is the both the quietest drum kit Yamaha makes and comes with a handful of great tools for beginners, but without sacrificing the feel and quality that made Yamaha a top company in the industry.

TX400K Electronic Drum Set Review

TX400K Electronic Drum Set Features

The pads feel great

The rubber pads are designed to feel natural without sacrificing durability. And the beatless kick drum pedals are silent and easy to do doubles on them. While we’re on the pedals, something to note is that the HiHat controller can also double as a double bass pedal.

Customize the sounds on-the-fly

Unlike other drumkits at this price point, you can customize the sounds on-the-fly, whether with the drum sets control panel or with the free app. And when I say on the fly, I mean it, the input is bi-directional, so you can adjust things like gain, pad velocity, crosstalk, pedal double-bass, kick velocity or pedal type as you hit them, making fast adjustments while playing very easy. While we are on the software, it’s important to mention that the drum-kit comes with 169 sounds sampled from top end Yamaha acoustic kits and classic 80s drum machines. Besides that, you also get 10 songs to start up with, and you can always download thousands more from Yamaha.

It makes you a better drummer

The last piece of software that it comes with is Yamaha’s Groove Tools: like rhythm gate or the measure break function. This allows you to quantify how well you play and how to improve on a day to day basis. This is a great feature because this is why most people buy a drumset. So whether you are just starting out or already a musician, this is a great piece of kit to get you to the next level.


The basic package comes with 4x 7.5” drum pads, 2 pedals and 3x 10” cymbals that add up to 9 trigger inputs, which you can upgrade individually. Or even upgrade the whole control panel when you need more software options. It’s a great starting point that you can grow as your needs and skills grow with you.

They sound great, the basic sounds, at least for jazz and hard rock sounds amazing. They sampled some top notch equipment, and if you have a great set of headphones, you will sound like a rock god or very smooth cat even from day one. You need to listen to the other preset kits yourself as I don’t really have the right ear, but if it’s as good as the jazz and rock sets, I’m sure they are great.

Sturdy steel frame

I used this mainly for jazz, and even that was at an amateurish level, but just to be thorough, I called upon a real life musician that really put the kit trough its paces with some hard rock-and-roll trashing. The dude and I went all savage on the drum set, and it survived without a scratch, both in the case of the rubber pads and in the case of the bipedal frame. This kit will surely survive any hyper-energized preteen that wants to become the next Keith Moon.

What do you get When You Purchase The DTX400k?

  • Yamaha DTX Series DTX400K 10-Inch Electronic Drum Set Bundle
  • 2x base support
  • 2x vertical supports
  • Third tom part
  • Left arm
  • Drum module
  • First/second tom
  • Snare pad
  • 2x cymbal bolders
  • Hi-hat holder
  • 3x cymbal/hi-tat pads
  • Hi-hat controller
  • KU100 kick unit
  • Nine-channel snake cable
  • Tuning key
  • 3x cable bands
  • Power adaptor
  • Owners manual
  • Yamaha Drum Throne
  • Vic Firth Drumsticks Nylon 5A
  • JVC Full-Size Headphones (Black)


Final Verdict

You can never go wrong with a Yamaha instrument. It’s portable, which makes it a good deal for the traveling musician, it’s got plenty of training and practice software which is handy for all drummers regardless of skill level. It’s made to last, which also makes its resell value higher than other kits in the same price range. And the iPad apps makes it have one of the best control modules on the market, even if doesn’t actually come with the kit.